Tulasi Choura Colony Sahi Govt. UP School : Small Hands, Big Feat

Former students of Tulasi Choura Colony Sahi Government Upper Primary School, at Baripada, are rendering their support for the school’s development. The young boys and girls are devoting time to keep the school premises clean and beautiful!

The school is a relatively new addition to the locality. It was established in the year 2010. The very first batch of the school is gone now, enrolled in the 11th class elsewhere. But their love and dedication for their alma mater brings them back every now and then. They have taken the responsibility of the school for the project completion and maintenance of the school’s physical infrastructure. Ever since the school came joined the Mo School Abhiyan, the alumni have been deeply involved in the school’s development process.

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The ex-students have made it a practice to help the school administration in theirspare time. Though tender aged, they have showcased extreme teamwork, starting with cleanliness drives in the school premises to organising various extra-curricular activities.

With their active participation, the school has undergone noticeable development. With the construction of the TLM (Teaching Learning Materials) room, imparting education has become simplified, yet advanced. The project has produced excellent results with three students winning merit scholarships in 2019-20.

The school has been associated with ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ since 2018. With the motivation and determination of the dedicated alumni, it has undergone radical changes all round. Construction of water fountain, internal pathways and TLM (Teaching Learning Materials) room are some of the projects that have been completed in association with ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ at the Tulasi Choura Colony Sahi Government Upper Primary School.