Panchayat High School, Chapria : Rendering services to improve education

Founded in 1989, Panchayat High School, Chapria is located amidst the picturesque surroundings of Kalahandi district. The school has been one of the few establishments rendering services to improve education in the remote tribal areas. With the help and support of alumni, the school’ comprehensive development is on the track. Despite being located in a remote area, the school has all the facilities to provide quality education to its students. From well-lit classrooms with desk, benches to ramps for specially challenged students and a well-organized library, the school has everything that is required for a joyful school ambience.


Mo School: Addressing the school’s yesteryear issues:

For the past 32 years, providing better facilities to students was hampered because many of the developmental works were left incompleted. For example, the school had a playground, but children were not able to play and practice due to lack of sports equipment. The state government’s ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ played a key role in addressing many problems including this.

The school has done an exceptional job in transforming itself after joining hands with the ‘Mo School’ initiative in 2018. Under the leadership of the school head teacher, the alumni association has been instrumental in making the school a renowned institution in the district. With the help of alumni, the school has received a grant of ₹7,53,400 as alumni contribution and 2x matching grant from the state government under Mo School Abhiyan. The money has been used to procure furniture for students, renovate the school buildings, train teachers and buy sports equipment. Along with financial donations, past students have come forward to take classes and provide life skills. They also engage with the school administration and the school authorities for the better management of their school.

“Giving back to the alma mater is a great way to keep the legacy and ensure that future generations of students have the opportunity to pursue quality education. Mo School Abhiyan has provided the opportunity to connect and serve the alma mater in a number of ways,” said Sri Niranjan Bhoi, the school’s headmaster. He also thanked the Hon’ble Chief Minister for launching such a programme, saying that the “Mo School Abhiyan” is a landmark step by the state government towards the overall development of the school education system in Odisha.