Frequently Asked Questions

The honourable Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik launched the Mo School campaign on November 14, 2017 -- Children’s Day -- in response to philanthropic interest from alumni of Odisha schools residing in India and abroad to give back to their alma mater.

Mo School is brilliant platform for people to connect, collaborate and contribute to revamping the government and government-aided schools in Odisha. Mo School is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country -- a citizen-government partnership in which the former leads in designing the programme, defining its goals and directing its implementation, while the government provides operational and financial support to the programme.

Funds for the implementation of the Mo School Abhiyan come primarily from two sources - contributions from Donors, and twice the amount (2x) of each such contribution provided from an initial dedicated fund of Hundred Crore Rupees created for the purpose by the government. Donors make contributions in terms of money, materials and/or services.

Mo School serves as a catalyst for connecting alumni (and others), alumni associations, teachers and communities through a collaborative partnership to improve the school infrastructure, interact, volunteer, contribute, collaborate, mentor, nurture talent in academics, sports, culture, art, science, technology and entrepreneurship.
Mo School Abhiyan encourages alumni and others who are emotionally connected to the schools who may be individuals, group of persons, institutions, social impact organisations, companies, foundations, philanthropists and many others to contribute to the development of the school eco-system. Further, the state government has also allowed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution under Mo School Abhiyan.
Mo School encourages all Alumni Associations in the State to get registered to ensure continuity of alumni involvement with the school. However, it is not mandatory to have the Alumni Association registered to start work under the Mo School Abhiyan. A school can initiate projects under Mo School without a registered Alumni Association.
You can get in touch with the Mo School team via

You can also call or email either of the following two Mo School officials.

Dr. Mani Prasad Mishra, OAS (S)
Officer on Special Duty, Mo School
+91 93481 27770

Mrs. Raj Laxmi Dash
Chief Operating Officer, Mo School
+91 97767 65555
Option 1: Contact the school’s Alumni Association or Head Master / Mistress / District Education Officer.
Option 2. Sign-in using the online Donor Form on this website and then make an electronic transfer using the Payment Gateway.
Option 3. Write to the Mo School team directly at

You can give your cheque to your school’s Head Master/Mistress and he/she will deposit in the school’s Mo School Account. If the concerned school is yet to open a Mo School bank account, we will help you deposit the money in the District-level Mo School bank account.

You can give your cheque to the office of Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan located in Bhubaneswar. Refer to the office address provided in this website.
Yes. You can donate to your school’s Mo School account. If the concerned school is yet to open a Mo School account, we will help you to deposit the money in the District-level Mo School bank account.
Yes, you can donate online via the payment gateway on the Mo School website.

Before you make any electronic donations, you will be requested to submit your personal details and a Letter of Intent ( LOI ) to the Mo School team to vet the feasibility of your project proposal. Once approved, you will be asked to proceed with your donation via the online payment gateway or be advised to donate the money directly to the concerned school.
There is no lower or upper limit to monetary contributions. However, the cumulative project amount for a school in any given year cannot exceed INR 1.5 Crores (inclusive of the donor contributions and the matching grant from the government).
Yes, monetary contributions will be generously matched by 2x by the State. For example, if you contribute a lakh of rupees for say, improving the school infrastructure, after the matching grant of 2x, your contribution will become three lakhs.
Only contribution made directly to Mo School state account can be claimed for tax exemption under 80G Section of the Income Tax Act.
Yes, you can donate in-kind. In-kind donations will not be matched or doubled by Mo School. The 2x matching grant scheme in only valid for monetary contributions.

In-kind contributions can be very useful for schools and can include a variety of things such as furniture, fans, meal utensils, water filter, educational kits, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. Please note, Mo School discourages donations of used materials to schools.
No. Mo School will not accept second-hand / used equipment, hardware, furniture, clothes, books, etc.Mo School discourages donations of used materials to schools.
You can most certainly volunteer your services.

You can help clean-up the school, tidy up the classrooms, help repair things that are broken, help paint the premises, etc. Possibilities abound.

You can not only help enrich / improve the physical infrastructure, but also the learning environment and supplementary learning processes in and around schools. For example, you can collaborate with a school to set up a small bio-diversity park, kitchen garden, school cabinet (bal sansad), a literary festival, a film or exploration club.

You can also volunteer, share ideas, life experiences, tell stories, teach a skill or an art or craft, etc. You can interact with children or help them learn new things during after school hours or on weekends - as permitted by the school authorities.
No. Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan doesn’t accept foreign currency.
Yes. You can donate on behalf of a friend or a family member.
Yes. You can donate litigation-free immovable assets (e.g. land, building) if its suitable for the school’s use. This will have to be done in consultation with the school authorities.
No. You can not claim ownership or access to what you donate at a later date.
ID Proof for Indian nationals (any one from the list below)
PAN Card Number
Voter ID
Driver’s License

ID Proof for NRI / PIO/ OCI
Passport Number
Date of Issue
Place of Issue
Date of Expiry
Mo School follows an organized and streamlined procedure. Here’s how it works.

Once a school a receives a project proposal and a budget estimate from a donor and approves it, it passes on a list of all approved projects and corresponding monetary contributions to the District Education Officer (DEO). The DEO, in turn submits a consolidated list of all school projects and donations from his / her district to the Mo School Executive Council for approval and the 2x matching grant from the State.

After receiving the matching funds from the Mo School Abhiyan Parichalana Sangathan, the school initiates the implementation of the project with an intimation to the contributor.

For infrastructural development project, the Head Master / Mistress (HM)is advised to ensure that the work is executed based on a project plan, timeline and budget estimate prepared by a competent authority. Further, project expenditure checks and bill submissions are also done by a competent authority approved by the HM.

The school HM is designated to maintain all case records, related documents for audit and inspection purposes. The progress and completion of work gets monitored by officials from Mo School Abhiyan and the district administration.

The school HM or an HM-designated official stays in touch with the contributor on a regular basis throughout the project cycle.
Mo School encourages contributors to stay connected to their project with help from the school Head Master / Mistress (HM) through the entire project life-cycle:i.e. project development, implementation and review.

Throughout the various stages of the project, the HM along with the implementers of the project shares the progress, both physical and financial, with the contributor/s via phone conversations / email / WhatsApp / etc.

Before the final payment is made to the executing agency, wherever applicable, the executing agency will be asked to submit the project completion certificate to the school HM / DEO / District Collector. If necessary, a satisfaction note will be requested from the contributor/s.

In case the contributor is not satisfied with the progress or project outcome, he/she can write to Mo School Abhiyan / District Collector / DEO / HM. Mo School team will then take appropriate action to address the concerns of the contributor.
Donor names may be displayed on wooden / metal / plastic boards on a wall in the school premises in consultation with the concerned Head Master / Mistress and / or Alumni Association, as applicable. It is however, not mandatory.

That said, Mo School discourages name displays on permanent structures.
Mo School encourages all Alumni Associations in the State to get registered to ensure continuity of alumni involvement with the school. However, it is not mandatory to have the Alumni Association registered to start work under the Mo School Abhiyan. A school can initiate projects under Mo School without a registered Alumni Association.