University High School : When Dream Meets Opportunity

“When the opportunity was provided to us under Mo School Abhiyan to volunteer for development of the school, wegrabbed the opportunity to give back to our alma mater.”

“Our short-term plans include a smart classroom, providing reading materials to all the poor students, developing the playground, and filling up the vacancies of teachers in the school. We have started an annual event “CHALA SCHOOL JIBA” where more and more alumni are getting connected every year.”

With over 30 years of experience in different positions in power sector organizations, Sri Deepak Kumar Swain is analumnus of University High School, VaniVihar. He is presently working as a Deputy General Manager (Human Resources) in Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL).Sri Swain is trying to fulfil the dream of connecting more than 3000 past students at the school to transform the school. He has been the president of the Alumni Association of University High School, VaniVihar which has played an instrumental role in transforming the school.

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The school is situated inside the campus of Utkal University, the oldest University of Odisha. Since its inception in the year 1962, the school has acquired prominence in the field of education, sports, science, and other extracurricular activities and more than 14 students have found a place in the best ten list of the state. The pass percentage has always been greater than 95%.

“Like many others, I am deeply attached to my school. I have always hoped to see my school as a progressive, modern educational institution in terms of physical and digital infrastructure, ambience, and academic excellence of the students. When the opportunity was provided to us under Mo School Abhiyan to volunteer for development of the school, we, the alumni, grabbed the opportunity to give back to our alma mater.”

As President of the Alumni Association, Sri Swain had the huge responsibility of transforming the dream of more than 3000 past students into a reality. Apart from contributing financially, he was deeply involved in all the development activities, starting from conception through completion.

With the combined efforts of the school administration and Alumni Association, various developmental activities have been undertaken in the school which includes renovation of the computer lab, construction of cycle shed, improvement of the library, science lab, procurement of bench, desk and almirah,  vitrified tiling of classrooms and paver tiles in the pathway, renovation and facelift of the staircase, renovation of the toilet and drinking water facility, garden beautification, smart classrooms for class-10 students and a well-equipped ICT lab.

“Mo School Abhiyan is an excellent and exceptional initiative of Government of Odisha and a first of its kind in the country. It provides us with a unique opportunity to give back to our alma mater in some way or the other. It is an excellent platform through which we can rebuild childhood memories and be part of the change we want to see in our school. Let us join hands and make our school a better place.”