Balikuda Government High School, Jagatsingpur : Aiming towards a prosperous prospective

The better establishments they have since the beginning, the more likely students are to discover achievement and not get disappointed. A strong establishment is defensive against falling behind, which is basic, in light of the fact that once students start to fall behind, it turns out to be extremely difficult to get back up. Sticking tight to this ideology, Balikuda Govt. High School has achieved wonders, undoubtedly.

Balikuda Government High School is one of the old schools in Jagatsinghpur district. The school was established in 1885 as a primary school, and in 1942 it was upgraded to a high school. The school has been instrumental in shaping personalities such as renowned scientist Prana Krushna Parija, eminent writer and Padmashri winner Pratibha Ray, Minister of Water Resources and Information and Public Relations Shri Raghunandan Das. Thus the school is considered as one of the well-known schools in the entire district.

The school has been associated with the ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ since 2018. The headmaster of the school, Shri Ganesh Chandra Sethi, has made a number of contributions to the cause of development. Under the Mo School Abhiyan, the alumni has donated Rs 4,25,415 to the school, while a total of Rs 12,76,245, was raised including grants from the government. With the money, the school has been equipped with gates, solar power installation, sports and gym equipments, three aqua guards, boundary walls, geysers, NCC posts and prayer grounds.

The Mo School Abhiyan is a landmark move by the government to improve the school. This has greatly improved the infrastructure and academic sphere of the school. Alumni and teachers alike have made significant contributions. Ever since I joined the school, I have been aiming to make it the number one in the district. Alumni commented that the school now needs five classrooms and one conference hall. Mo School Abhiyan has helped to give the school a special place in the entire district of Jagatsingpur.

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