Govt. Upper Primary School, Ainlasari: An Epitome of Community Participation

In Dunguripali block of Subarnapur district,there is a small village called Ainlasari. The livelihood of most villagers here depends on daily wages and farming. Even then, the villagers were aware of the value and importance of education. Hence, in 1959, a school was established here. What is very heartwarming is that right from the beginning, the Village Committee, the  School   Management Committee, parents and teachers have always been very involved in the developmental activities of the school.

No wonder, ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ brought a lot of cheer to everyone. Couple of months after the launching of the programme, a sensitization meeting was organized in the school which more than 200 parents and villagers attended. Once they realized the advantages and importance of the programme, they unanimously resolved to be engaged.The first project that they decided to take up was creating a playground. The school was without a playground since its inception, because of lack of funds. Now with alumni contribution and the matching grant from ‘Mo School’, enough funds was available to create a good playground. The enthusiasm of everyone was amazing. Within a matter of days, the uneven pit was filled and a proper playground was created.

This further enthused the alumni. They now take extra classes for the students during holidays. Some of them help in serving mid-day meals to the students. This atmosphere of collaboration and ownership among the teachers, alumni and villagers is really exemplary. This has been possible, because everyone shares the same dream of ushering in a bright future for the children and make them better citizens of the world.