Satyananda High School, Soro : Smart Library, Smarter Students

A smart library reflects a smart campus. It aids to the academic development of the students and provides another space for them to learn. This is a place filled with books and provides meditative silence. If this can be complemented with computers providing internet service, the space becomes an academic heaven.

Satyananda High School in Soro block of Balasore district realized the importance of such a library. Thus began the process of setting up a smart library to be followed by a smart campus. Under ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ and with the help of its alumni members, the school now has one of the best libraries in the district. Not only does it provide the air-conditioned comfort and a well-furnished interior, it also has a plethora of books available to the students. Starting from fairy tales to comic books, biographies, textbooks and books on science – it has books of almost every genre.

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Established in 1939, Satyananda High School, Soro has many tales to narrate. The foundation of the school was laid on 4 acres of land donated by Shri Upendra Nath Pradhan. The school was started as a middle school by Shri Nandakishore Dash and Shri Nilambar Dash and later became a High School. The school was established in the memory of beloved Satya Nanda Pradhan, the late son of Shri Upendra Nath Pradhan.

The school has witnessed enormous transformations ever since its association with ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ in July 2018. A committee led by Purbasa Mohanty along with the stewardship of Amulya Ch. Sahoo, Ex- I/C H.M., played a pivotal role in initiating the programme. They personally contacted the alumni and contributed funds for the projects. Not only the alumni, but also many philanthropists namely, Dr. Suprava Dash and G.D. Nayak have contributed with open hands. Alumni like Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Purbasa Mohanty and Mihir Kumar Dash have shown tremendous dedication for their alma mater.

The school has received ₹5,44,700 as donors’ contribution. The fund was doubled up to ₹10,89,400 as matching grants. In total, ₹16,34,100 has been received by the school till date. The funds have been judiciously used in various developmental works such as procurement of furniture for students, repair and renovation of existing classrooms, getting library furniture and books and installation of an inverter. Most importantly, a smart library has been constructed. A sum of ₹50,000 was donated by nonagenarian Shri Gayadhar Nayak for the construction of this library. Not only to the students, the library provides the teachers access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school and provides opportunities to cooperatively plan, implement and evaluate learning programme.

The school has plans to build smart classrooms and science labs in the next phase of Mo School programme. “The programme is a welcome step by the state government. Impressed by the programme, the school’s alumni extended a helping hand”, said Mr. Sukhadev Nayak, Headmaster, Satyananda High School.