Biswambar Bidyapitha, Puri

Biswambar Bidyapitha, Puri, was founded in 1919 as a primary school. In 1945, it became a high school and reached great academic heights in the days to come. This century-old school has produced many well-known personalities of Odisha and continues to be regarded as a premier institution of the State.

However, as time went by, its greatness began to get fade. It was not possible for the government alone to focus on just one school, when there are thousands in its fold. That was when ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ came to Biswambar Bidyapitha’s help with its unique “alumni connect” programme.

This school has a very strong alumni base. With the encouragement of the present and past Head Teachers, a few of the eminent alumni joined hands to work towards the development of the School. Soon the School received 1, 55,000 rupees as donation from several people. With matching grant from the Government, it became 4, 65,000 rupees. The money was utilized for the improvement of the physical infrastructure like field renovation of the playfield, office room the science laboratory. In addition, many of the alumni volunteered to groom the students and make them confident and capable citizens of the World.

The collaboration between the School and the alumni is an ongoing process and the Headmaster Sri Sushil Kumar Brahma is very encouraged by it. ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ has really made a big difference to the century-old institution.