Government Primary School, Rengalpatra “Mo School”- Segueing vision into reality

Whoever thought that transformation is only feasible if resources are within hand’s reach, should glance at the sheer determination of the Rengalpatra village community. With more than half of its population involved in farming, it came as a shock for beholders when they donated their insurance cover to redevelop the Government Primary School, Rengalpatra in Bargarh district.

Rengalpatra is home to ST, SC and other backward communities, including 99% of Adivasi households. Not too long back, the village did not have a school of its own. As a result, children had to walk miles to other villages in nearby areas to study. This moved Sri Daitari Bariha, a farmer, who donated 40 dismil of his farmland to build Government Primary School, Rengalpatra. And thus, started the path of change. Slowly and steadily, people joined hands and came together to contribute to the virtuous cause.

The school, founded in the year 1986, got associated with Mo School Abhiyan in 2019. The unique initiative of the state government has helped the villagers to make their dream a reality. An escalated mass was quick enough to donate their insurance amount of ₹4,02,010 as financial aids. Subsequently, a total of ₹12,06,030 was collected in the form of total project costs. The grant has been judiciously utilised in various projects such as the renovation of classrooms, procurement of furniture for teachers and students, cold drinking water, toilets for students and setting up a garden. The school premises of the Rengalpatra Primary School have been improved by installing BALA painting to attract young minds. Computers and internet facilities have been provided under Mo School Abhiyan to promote digital literacy among students and teachers. The alumni and the the local community have been instrumental in successfully transforming the  the school.


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Sri Panchanan Bariha, President of the Alumni Committee said, “Though we, the people of this village, are economically backward, we have never felt it a burden. Rather we have opted for the simple standard of living which enabled us to contribute monetary services for the transformation of the school”. Briefing about the future, he added, “We have many activities and projects lined up for the school. If the government approves, we would be more than happy to be of more help for the school.”

The villagers of Rengalpatra have always faced  challenges to overcome their problems. Now students are happy to go to school. Dropout rates have fallen steeply. The Rengalpatra village has set the benchmark remarkably high for others.

This is what Mo School Abhiyan has always pledged to various communities – ‘Bring smiles and make education accessible to all’.