Fazle Haque High School, Tyandakuda

Tyandakuda is a remote village in Kendrapara district. In 1880, the villagers of this tiny hamlet started a Lower Primary School in a two-room thatched cottage. It was upgraded to an Upper Primary School in 1885 and then to a Middle English School in 1888. The historical records of the School tell us about the many prominent community members who pitched in for construction of the permanent building of the Middle English School in 1888.

In the mid-twentieth century, Sayed Fazle Haque of Raisunguda, Salipur, who was the District Board Member and in-charge of Education of undivided Cuttack district, generously donated, what was at the time a princely sum of 5000 rupees for further up gradation of the school. This happened in 1943 and the villagers gratefully renamed the school as Fazle Haque High School.

Needless to say, community collaboration is deeply ingrained in the community around the school. When ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ was launched in 2017, the programme served as a great catalyst to the already present collaborative spirit. Some of the well-wishers along with the Headmaster formed an alumni association. It started with small efforts but soon got hugely involved in various activities of the School. In 2019, it celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Fazle Haque High School. In 2020, it revamped the existing small library. With alumni contribution and a two-fold government grant, a well-stocked library came up,   aptly named, Ram Rahim Library.

The enthusiasm of the community along with the Alumni Association has resolved to make the School one of the best in the State.