Government Upper Primary School, Athantara

Eighteen kilometers from the state capital Bhubaneswar, in the Balipatna block of Khordha district, is a village named Athantar. The 2011 census puts the population of the village at 1753, with 370 households. In this village, there is just one government Upper Primary School, which was founded in 1916.

What makes the school special is the involvement of community members since its inception. As time went by, the alumni joined hands with the community. With their passion and experience, they ensured the smooth running of the century-old institution and put a lot of emphasis on excellence. This actually is the very tenet on which ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ was founded.

In fact, ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ provided further encouragement to the already motivated system. The alumni systematically planned out the needs of the school and instead of working haphazardly to fulfill those needs, they tackled the requirements in a very systematic manner. New class rooms were built, the play area was revamped and the library was renovated.

Still a lot needs to be done. But the current Headmaster Smt. Rojalin Sahoo is not worried. Along with the devoted alumni and passionate villagers, she has the support from many dedicated teachers and pro-active government officials of the block.

The Government Upper Primary School, Athantar, stands out among many of its peers and that probably explains the confident faces in its classrooms