Naami Nodal Upper Primary School

The year was 1900. India was still not independent. During that period, a small group of villagers in the Bhadrak district of Odisha, discussed the possibility of opening a school in their village for the children. The idea appealed to many and Naami Upper Primary School was born in Naami village. Since then it has continued to be a beacon for the students providing them with the power of education. The school was upgraded to an upper primary school in 1999 and finally taken under the wings of Government of Odisha in the year 2002.

When ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ was launched, the then BEO (Block Education Officer) personally asked the Head Teacher Shri Kishore Sahoo to focus on the programme. He was confident that with the help of this programme, the popular Headmaster will be able to hasten school developmental activities. The BEO’s confidence was not misplaced. When the Headmaster explained the programme, the local alumni enthusiastically participated. As word got around, the number of participants increased. Many alumni settled across the world volunteered to be a part of the programme. Their generous contributions and the matching grant from the government brought forth a huge change. A reading room was designed, smart classrooms were created and CCTV was installed.

Needless to say, Naami Nodal Upper Primary School is the perfect example of inclusion and cooperation. When the alumni are well informed and engaged, they become the most loyal supporters and the best ambassadors of a school, offering invaluable service.  Naami Nodal Upper Primary School, Bhadrak has proven that when a school and its alumni cooperate, nothing can stand in the way of achieving greatness.