Ratnakar Town High School of Nilgiri, Balasore

Ratnakar Town High School of Nilgiri, established in 1985, is a perfect example of how one can make the best use of the available opportunity. When ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ was launched in 2017, the Headmaster got to know about the new campaign from a local newspaper. This made him curious and he tried to find the details from the Internet. Once he realized that this programme is all about school and alumni connect, he was very enthusiastic. The reason was simple. The school already had a very strong alumni network, who organized annual meets with their families and shared an emotional bond. In fact, they had all come together to celebrate the silver jubilee of the school few years back – in 2011.

The Headmaster got in touch with the alumni and had discussions with them. They realized that a unique programme like ‘Mo School Abhiyan’ could be a great advantage for the school. Soon many of them collaborated and the school took up various activities under ‘Mo School’. A meeting hall was constructed, more number of toilets were added, solar panels were installed. Along with these activities, science laboratory was revamped, existing classrooms were renovated, library books and furniture for students were procured. Additionally, the school garden also got a face-lift.

The involvement of motivated alumni has worked wonders for Ratnakar Town High School of Nilgiri. The school environment now has a spark that is evident from the eager faces of the students.