Invitation to connect and contribute

Mo School is an opportunity to emotionally connect and give back to your own school/alma mater. It is also a way to meet and connect with the current generation of students and mentor them. You can also choose other school/schools in Odisha and the nature of improvement you’d like to see in the school/s of your choice.

Contributing to your alma mater can be a good first step. You could also choose to contribute to school/s that your parents or grandparents attended. Of the 67,961 schools covered under the Mo School Abhiyan, there are nearly 1200 heritage schools (more than 50/75/100 years old). You can consider contributing to one of the heritage schools, if you like. Or for that matter, you can pick a school in a remote part of the state. Options abound. It all depends on what is it that motivates you to give back and strengthen the school ecosystem. We would like to hear from you and welcome your participation.

You can contribute money, in-kind resources or even volunteer your time in any school of your choice. Monetary contributions will be generously matched by 2x by the State. For example, if you contribute a lakh of rupees for say, improving the school infrastructure, after the matching grant of 2x, your contribution will become three lakhs.

Here are some ways you can connect and contribute. This list is not exhaustive, but merely suggestive. Feel free to come up with your own ideas.
We also encourage you to connect to the Mo School twitter handle and Facebook page to see how people across Odisha are already connecting and contributing.

You can connect with a school as a subject matter expert; you can in developing the vision for the school, set goals, help with project planning, and implementation. In schools that lack alumni associations, you can take the lead in setting up one or spruce up an existing association and get them to actively participate in Mo School. You can also connect children and teachers to subject matter experts/resource persons, resource centers, other specialized organizations that can provide exposure, learning and growth opportunities for them.
You can volunteer to enrich the physical or, learning environment and supplementary learning processes in and around schools. For example, you can collaborate with a school to set up a small bio-diversity park, kitchen garden, school cabinet, a literary festival, a film or exploration club. You can also volunteer, share ideas, life experiences, tell stories, teach skill or art or craft, etc. You can help children after school or on weekends. You can help clean-up the school, tidy up the classrooms, help repair things that are broken, help paint the premises, etc. Possibilities abound.
You can also provide in-kind contributions for children and teachers in the form of online course fees, science kits, math kits, geography kits, sports kits, musical instruments, etc.; sponsor exposure visits; or, announce awards for innovative work of children and teachers. Such contributions can go a long way for children as incentives for their quality learning and its application in a relevant context. You can also gift basic necessities such as water filters, hand-wash kits, utensils for mid-day meals, fans, furniture, etc. Please note that In-kind/material contributions will not be matched by the State. Only monetary contributions have a matching grant scheme.
You can make a monetary contribution for a school or, multiple schools. Your monetary will be matched by a 2x matching grant by the State. Your funds can be utilized towards improvement in school environment such as school infrastructure (classrooms, boundary wall, toilets, etc.), garden, rain water harvesting, solar energy harvesting, basic facilities for children with disabilities or, child-friendly elements; learning environment including library, laboratory, etc.; pedagogical improvement through teaching aids, learning materials such as encyclopedias, digital content, etc.; exposure of children and teachers to centers of research and excellence for their practical orientation and broadening of horizon.

12 Thematic Areas

Here are "12 Thematic Areas" that can serve as your framework when you ideate and identify how you want to participate in / contribute to Mo School.


Volunteer your time. From near, from far.Teach, Coach, Counsel, Listen, Talk, Clean, Paint, Repair, Create, Build, Plant, Nurture.


Children need guidance, empathy, understanding and role models. Be a mentor. Be a role model. Take the time to listen to what motivates them, what inspires them, what their dreams and aspirations are. Share knowledge, experience, resources, stories of successes and failures, and give them the steadfast support they need to pursue their dream vocations and avocations.


Contribute money and time to help bridge infrastructural gaps in the school of your choice. e.g. hostels, laboratories, libraries, electronic equipment, internet, classrooms, furniture, toilets, clean drinking water, utensils, cupboards, boundary walls, gates, wheelchair ramps, etc.


Foster a multi-disciplinary approach to learning where both the left and right brains get to thrive. Curate, collate, create, purchase, and find innovative ways to deliver age-appropriate multi-disciplinary content (printed content, films, documentaries, etc.) to children. Areas can include, but are not be limited to: the arts, crafts, exploration, architecture, design, technology, science, match, nature, culture.


Contribute to and help improve the nutrition and health of children. Participate in ongoing projects or initiate new ones in consultation with schools. Ideate and implement initiatives that ensure both physiological and psychological well-being of children.


Contribute money, time and other resources to help develop sports infrastructure for schools and coaching support for children.


Ideate and implement human and/or technology-enabled interventions that will help children get exposure to / learn about / analyse / make sense of - current affairs, general knowledge, specialised knowledge, literature, visual arts, performing arts,etc. Offer home-stays, facilitate exposure visits, exchange programmes, participation in national / international sports / literary / cultural events.


Mo School acknowledges the vital role played by teachers. It encourages workshops, seminars, conferences, travel projects, exposure visits, exchange programs, and professional development programmes for them.


Help eradicate rote learning. Teach design thinking. Teach systems thinking. Foster research-based problem-solving. Encourage students to pursue projects where they apply knowledge from multiple disciplines and learn-by-doing.


Engage with children. Encourage creative tinkering. Teach them how to fix and repair things as well as ideate, design and build things. Sponsor workshops of various kinds (e.g. ceramic, carpentry, electronics, etc.).


Inspire children to become climate ambassadors. Teach them about climate change and how they can care for the planet. Teach them how to plant and nurture trees and kitchen gardens. Take them on nature hikes and teach them about flora and fauna and the natural landscape. Inculcate a love of Nature.


Encourage entrepreneurship among children. When they grow up, they can become job-creators instead of job-seekers. Teach them how to think through ideas, do trade-off studies, analyse feasibility of ideas, design projects, manage timelines, run and scale projects, raise funds and generate revenues.

3 Ways to Get Started


Contact the school’s Alumni Association or Head Master / Mistress / District Education Officer.


Sign-in using the online Donor Form below and then make an electronic transfer using the payment gateway.


Write to the Mo School team directly at

Electronic Transfer Steps

Dear Donor, here’s how the process will work.

If you choose to contact your school Head Master / Mistress (HM) directly,

they will be happy to discuss and finalise your funding proposal with you directly. They will advise you to transfer your contribution to the school’s Mo School bank account. They will then send your proposed project proposal + funding amount details to the Mo School Executive Council for approval and matching grant (2x). Once the approval and matching grant comes in, the school HM will initiate the work on your project.

If you choose to contact the Mo School team via email,

they will likely connect you to your school authorities or alumni association (as applicable) or direct you to submit your details and payment online through the website. So, we encourage you to pick one of two options: either contact your school authorities / alumni association directly or go via the online system.

If you choose to transfer the money electronically via the Payment Gateway provided on this website,

you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1

Search your school on the school search page.

On the school page select the contribute link. On the contribute page register with mobile no. and email id.

Step 2

Once registered you can login using your user id sent to you via SMS and password you had during your registration.

Step 3

Login and fill in the necessary details in the contribution form. Then select a category and an activity from the displayed list. Specify the contribution amount.

Please note, that your financial contribution will be matched by 2x by the State. For example, if you contribute, say Rs. 1 lakh INR, the state will match it with Rs. 2 lakhs.

Step 4

Read the ‘Donor Declaration’ and ‘Mo School Disclaimer’ carefully and press the ‘I Agree’ button before proceeding to the Payment Gateway.

Step 5

Once you have submitted the required information online and made the electronic money transfer, the Mo School team will vet your proposed areas / activities and determine the best one/s to proceed with before approving the 2x matching grant. The funds will be sent to the respective school for project implementation.

Step 6

The Mo School team and /or the school / district authorities will be in touch with you throughout the duration of the project. They will ensure that the project progress and final outcome is shared with you in an appropriate manner.

Along with that you can login using your user id & password to get latest updates on you school along with alumni information and your contribution details.


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